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Community Safety Fair at Cleveland High School, January 10

Steve Louie at the Department of Neighborhoods writes,

The Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Public Schools, and the Greater Duwamish District Council are hosting a Community Safety Fair for the Beacon Hill community on Saturday, January 10, 2009 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Cleveland High School (5511 15th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108). This event is free to the public.

The Community Safety Fair will provide community members with tools to affect positive change in their communities. This is not a forum for people to vent and take no action.

The “Community Safety Fair” will offer break-out sessions on three topics: the 911 system; emergency preparedness & home security; and, finally, dealing with neighborhood nuisance concerns (property laws and problem-solving).

City Departments will also have staffed resource booths for community information.

For more information, please call Steve Louie, Greater Duwamish Neighborhood District Coordinator (Department Of Neighborhoods) at 206-233-2044 or 206-396-0200 (C) or e-mail steve.louie@seattle.gov.

Attached is the flyer for the event in translated languages. If you know of someone who is non-English speaking and know would be interested in attending the event, please pass this along. Interpretation services will be available. Please let me know at least 5 days in advance what language is needed. Thanks, Steve

Daylight break-ins and a safety warning

Kam Yee wrote to tell us:

Our neighbor’s and our house both got broken into last week. I wanted this group to know because both houses were robbed midday when we stay at home moms took our baby out for errands. Our homes are near Macpherson’s Fruit Stand and Maple School. I don’t want to be a fear mongerer, but thought I should warn you as the robbers seem to target during broad daylight when you take baby out for a few hours. During the couple of hours we were out, they have broke in through the basement window and effectively stole our electronics and jewelry. We suspect multiple accomplices watching until we left the house and had a lookout waiting for our return. Luckily we were not hurt.

The police reminded us the if you have any reasons to believe you have or had intruders to get out of the house and call 911. Wait outside or at a neighbor’s even if it takes the officers a long time to arrive. You should never search your house without an armed officer.

This safety warning is a good thing to keep in mind. I admit that if I came home to signs of a break-in I’d be tempted to go in and look around the house, but this is a Bad Idea. Call 911 first.

Kam, thanks for emailing us; we are sorry your house was broken into, but very glad no one was hurt.

Beacon Bits: Diner rebirth, streetlights, and stories

Downtown streetlight. Photo by iluvrhinestones.
Downtown streetlight. Photo by iluvrhinestones.
Beacon Bits are collections of useful or interesting links or other tidbits that we’ll post periodically.

Jungle and greenbelt plans to be discussed 10/21

The Jungle and the East Duwamish greenbelt have a notable (one might say infamous) impact on public safety in the west Beacon Hill area. Interested in the future of this area? Plan to attend a meeting this coming Tuesday to discuss creating a permanent public safety solution for the area. The meeting is October 21, 7:00 pm, at Quarters 1, PacMed Campus, on the northwest corner of 14th Avenue South and South Judkins Street .

Those attending will include Washington State Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Lorena Eng of the Washington State Department of Transportation, and representatives from the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, Department of Neighborhoods, and the Mayor’s office, as well as directors from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and others.

Thanks to Craig Thompson for the info!

Cleveland students dodge drivers daily

The Rainier Valley Post has an article about the pedestrian-unfriendly situation around Cleveland High School, where narrow sidewalks, a lack of crosswalks, and speeding cars make the walk to and from the bus stop less than safe.

The “Critical Crossings” site mentioned (but not linked-to) in their article is available here. Thanks for forwarding this link, Ezra!

Despite the blog’s name, the Post has a fair amount of Beacon Hill coverage; if you want to go directly to those posts, go here.