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Pedestrian injured in collision with bicyclist

From the SPD Blotter:

On 11/03/09, at approximately 4:45 p.m., a bicyclist was traveling [northbound] on Beacon Ave S. approaching S. College St. As the Bicyclist approached S. College St, a pedestrian going [westbound] across Beacon Ave S. stepped into the roadway.

The Bicyclist was unable to avoid the pedestrian and collided with him.

The pedestrian sustained a serious head injury and Seattle Fire Department Medic transported him to Harborview Medical Center (HMC).

During the investigation, HMC stated that the pedestrian’s medical condition improved to become non-life threatening.

An officer responded to the scene to screen the bicyclist for any signs of impairment due to drugs/alcohol. The officer determined that the bicyclist was not impaired.

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New pedestrian signage installed on Beacon Avenue

Will a bright yellow pedestrian warning sign get drivers attention? Photo by Wendi.
Will a bright yellow pedestrian warning sign get drivers' attention? Photo by Wendi.
We’ve heard neighbors complaining lately that it is sometimes difficult to cross Beacon Avenue South in front of Beacon Hill Station–cars just don’t see pedestrians, or just don’t stop for them. Sometime in the last week or so, the city added new signs to Beacon Avenue in an attempt to make this crosswalk safer, along with warning lights. With the opening of the light rail station, this crosswalk is even more heavily used than it was before, so this new signage has been needed.

A cyclist walks a bicycle across the crosswalk under the new signs. Photo by Wendi.
A cyclist walks a bicycle across the crosswalk under the new signs. Photo by Wendi.

A walk in Seattle Parks

Seattle Parks and Recreation are seeking your input on their Walk in the Park program, and on better ways to get people to enjoy parks without cars. They are asking for activity ideas, locations for events and activities, suggestions of parks that are suited to road closures, and other similar ideas. Do you have an idea or an opinion? Fill out the survey here, or go to the Walk in the Park page to find out more.

Thanks to Mike Cheney for the heads-up!

17th and Beacon intersection reopened

We noticed recently that the work on the east side of the 17th and Beacon intersection has reopened to traffic. The planters and pedestrian-scale lighting don’t appear to be there yet, though. With luck this will be a safer intersection for pedestrians crossing 17th at this spot. It doesn’t seem to affect those crossing Beacon to the library, however.

Does the “left turn only” sign mean that drivers can no longer cross Beacon and continue southward on 17th?

17th and Beacon intersection, across from the library. Photo by Jason.
17th and Beacon intersection, across from the library. Photo by Jason.

Discuss the bus over pancakes

Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
We posted earlier about this Saturday’s pancake breakfast, and about potential bus service changes in Southeast Seattle. Today, Jodie Vice of Beacon Hill Pedestrians posted some further information to the mailing list that allows us to combine both topics:

There has been quite a bit of discussion about bus service changes when light rail comes on board. It would be great to have a discussion about this and fill out our surveys as a neighborhood! I’ve contacted Metro and they are sending me about 50 surveys (in multiple languages) to hand out at the Pancake Breakfast THIS Saturday at El Centro – 9:30AM.

A bus service and light rail discussion will go hand-in-hand at our forum on creating a town center, because you can not create a “town center” without adequate access by ALL modes. We have an amazing opportunity with the light rail to be more connected to southend neighborhoods and downtown, but bus service is still crucial for local trips.

The current Metro plans include a potential crosstown route that will connect the Hill with West Seattle, possible changes to the 38 to eliminate redundant service once the light rail opens, and more.

Thanks Jodie and BHP!

Cleveland students dodge drivers daily

The Rainier Valley Post has an article about the pedestrian-unfriendly situation around Cleveland High School, where narrow sidewalks, a lack of crosswalks, and speeding cars make the walk to and from the bus stop less than safe.

The “Critical Crossings” site mentioned (but not linked-to) in their article is available here. Thanks for forwarding this link, Ezra!

Despite the blog’s name, the Post has a fair amount of Beacon Hill coverage; if you want to go directly to those posts, go here.