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Press your apples at the Tool Library!

Photo by Carters Collection, via Flickr/Creative Commons.
We have a cider press! Cider Press Fest this Friday and Saturday! Email seseattletoollibrary@gmail.com with requests for appointments. On the hour beginning as early as 9 am on Friday. If there is enough interest, we will extend to Sunday and….? As long as the fruit lasts or until I leave town on the 8th.

Will keep track of the appointments on the google calendar at the website. Look there to see what’s open! Members will be given priority if there is excess demand, so join online now and donate via Paypal (to the email address above) or bring donations to the Fest! Volunteers appreciated as well. Will accommodate walk-ins if possible. Bring your own apples, buckets for pomace (we will have a fruit grinder to get more juice out of your fruit). And bring jugs or jars or carboys for your juice. Happy fall season!! 202.780.7296, setools.org.