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In the Forum: Fireworks and more

Fireworks set off on Beacon Hill on July 4, 2007. Photo by Wendi.
Fireworks set off on Beacon Hill (and -- look close -- West Seattle) on July 4, 2007. Photo by Wendi.
In the Beacon Hill Blog forum right now is a question from reader alirjd:

“So this will be my first 4th of July on Beacon Hill. I know fireworks are limited this year in Seattle since Ivar’s cancelled their show, but I wondered if any of the longtime residents knew of a good spot to go sit somewhere up here and see if you can catch some of the shows around town.”

Other topics currently in the Forum include an announcement about Bible and Chinese Camp at the Beacon Lutheran Church, questions on the current status of the car wash at 15th and Beacon, discussion about a recent brazen burglary in broad daylight, and an introduction from Colin, a (relatively) new neighbor!

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