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Updated: Bye bye Buggy

April 28th, 2009 at 9:40 am | Posted by Jason

Buggy, neighborhood baby outfitter and monthly knit-night host, is closing up shop on Beacon Avenue South and heading to new digs in Madrona, as confirmed on their soon-to-be-anachronistic website at www.buggybeacon.com.

Jon Gould dropped the news on the mailing list yesterday, noting that the 2200 square foot space will be available in June for $1300/mo.

This, along with the closing of Culinary Communion, is another sad departure from the hill just 81 days before the light rail station opening.

Update: A message from Buggy co-owner Sarah Dublin below. Click to read:

Yes, it’s true. My business — Buggy — that I co-own with my great friend, Heather, is moving to Madrona in June/July. We have received nothing but love and good feelings from our Beacon Hill neighbors and we make this move with mixed feelings. As a seven-year resident of North Beacon Hill, many of you know that it was long my dream to open a shop on Beacon Ave and help kick-start a retail/restaurant boom. Two years ago when Buggy was about to become a reality, I really, truly thought that it was a great time for our little neighborhood. We know how convenient it is, how accessible and friendly. After several great write-ups (Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle PI Business Section), we thought that other retail/restaurants would have to see the value of moving to Beacon and would follow suit. No such luck – the economy crashed & businesses are closing every day.

For our new location, we chose a spot close by so that for our Beacon customers it will be a short distance to come and visit us. 34th Avenue in Madrona is a great destination with the Hi Spot Cafe, Cupcake Royale, the fabulous park and a couple kid-centric shops all a few doors away. We are in an upstairs space just two doors north of the Hi Spot Cafe.

We will be having a HUGE moving sale at Buggy in May as our new space will have much less storage and we’ve acquired a ton of amazing inventory. I’ll post to the Announcement list about the sale & with all of our new contact information (we have to change our website from buggybeacon.com!) once we have all the details planned.

Thanks for the support as we got Buggy up and running. We’re hoping that our move to Madrona will take us to the next level.

Sarah Dublin

Thanks Sarah, and good luck in Madrona!

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