2 thoughts on “Buggy featured in the P-I”

  1. Hey – thanks for getting this up on the blog! We saw a HUGE increase in business last weekend because of the article. People are now coming from all over the area – Ballard, Renton, Capitol Hill, etc. Looking forward to more retail coming to BH, bring on the Light Rail!

  2. No problem. I stopped in a few days ago and the store is adorable. I do know some people with babies, and I like the yarn you have, so I may be able to shop there after all. 🙂

    “Bring on the light rail” — yes, indeed. People tend to think of how it will be used by Beacon Hillers going elsewhere, but it will also make it easy for people to visit us. Now we just need more reasons to get people to come up here to shop, etc. Buggy is a good start there.

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