Commenting made easier

Hello, all. We’ve made some changes that I hope you will like.

The blog no longer requires you to register to post comments. So if you tried to comment and were discouraged by the registration requirement, please try again. Comments are moderated the first time you post, but once you’ve had a comment approved, the rest of your comments aren’t moderated, unless they have multiple URLs or other “possible spam” triggers.

We have our own photo pool now at Flickr: the Beacon Hill Blog pool. Please add your Beacon Hill-related photos to the group, and we might feature them here in the blog. (This is similar to what most of the other local blogs and publications are doing with their Flickr pools.)

2 thoughts on “Commenting made easier”

  1. Thanks for doing this. Unfortunately for all of you, this means I’ll be leaving rambling posts after each entry. 🙂

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