Concerned about where train riders will park?

The Rainier Valley Post notes that the city wants neighborhood input on parking issues around the soon*-to-be-opening light rail stations in South Seattle.

Regarding Beacon Hill:

The ¼ mile area around the Beacon Hill Station involves both commercial and residential areas. Common parking tools used here may include time-limit signs and a residential parking zone. Community concerns to date include several areas of the neighborhood where parking conditions are already pretty congested at different times of the day. 

When: Wednesday, November 5th at 7 pm
Where: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 6020 Beacon Avenue South

You can also submit your comments by email. Full details in the article at RVP.

* soon as in next summer! W00t!

2 thoughts on “Concerned about where train riders will park?”

  1. I have to admit I’ve been interested in what the parking situation would be around the station, but for slightly different reasons. I live too far away to reasonably walk. But, too close to drive my car. On the other hand, it’s the perfect distance to ride my scooter… but would be concerned about leaving it parked on the street all day. So, I’ll be interested to hear how this shakes out.

  2. Yeah, scooter parking is sort of a problem these days. Some of the damage on my scooter comes from when someone tipped it over and took my parking spot. Other times I came back to it to find it moved to an illegal place (like a planting strip — in the U district you’re not as likely to get away with parking one there).

    But you can’t park it with bicycles, either. I’m not sure what the solution is, other than special motorcycle/scooter parking areas.

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