Trick-or-treaters: did you get any?

We at the Beacon Hill Blog are still recovering from Halloween. No, not from drinking or eating candy, but from staying up late with friends, playing Rock Band 2. At any rate, we’re curious. Did you all get trick-or-treaters? How many?

We must have had over 100 in our part of North Beacon, considering how much candy we went through. Unfortunately, a very large number were teenage kids, not in costume, putting candy in their backpacks or pockets. I asked the first group of kids who showed up sans costume what they were dressed as. The kid in front said, “a thug.” I am not kidding. That group was pretty polite, though. It was another group of kids that stole one of our decorations. And there was also a teenage boy who, after I gave him candy, pushed forward, stuck his hand into the candy dish, grabbed a huge handful of additional candy and ran off. I learned to hold the bowl away from the kids after that. We ran out of candy before the final trick-or-treaters showed up, and we had bought a lot of it.

The cute little kids in costume made up for the bad taste left by the older kids, who are really too old for this. Though I wouldn’t mind if they’d dress up for it.

7 thoughts on “Trick-or-treaters: did you get any?”

  1. Our doorbell rang about 8 times, with groups of kids ranging from 2 to 8 kids in size. There were a couple of younger groups with parents. But, the majority were Middle Schooll aged, and generally dress up only vaguely as zombies or raver fairies.

    Still, it was fun overall. Until moving here, I’ve always lived in apartment buildings. So, this was our frist time getting trick or treaters.

  2. We went to a part from 5 – 7:30, so I think we missed most of the real Trick or Treaters. What we did get was the older, not dressed up kids. Once the baby went to bed, we turned off the porch light – we thought that was the signal for NO CANDY. Unfortunately we got some very aggressive kids that decided to ring, knock, ring and then when I did open the door, they demanded candy. I told them we were out. I noticed they were with a large white SUV that was cruising the street. Rude. Rude. Rude.

  3. We had kids show up until nearly 10pm. We left our porch light on because we had company coming over, or we would have shut down before then. Anyway, I was surprised to see that some very young kids came by with their parents near the end of the evening, while a lot of the teenagers were at our house early this year.

  4. We only got three–all of them while our guardian-o-goodies was in the shower! The rest of our household was out at various shindigs around town.

  5. KT, I’m not sure you missed much. I don’t know where you live on the hill, but we didn’t get our first Trick or Treaters until after 7pm ourselves.

  6. We got quite a few. We live on 13th and Court. The older kids starting showing up around 8:00 – they were basically in it just to get the candy. The ole “put a hat on, call it a costume” and carry around a pillowcase.

  7. We only got 5 kids all night. It doesn’t make sense. You’d think that we’d be swamped, living on a dead end street and all…

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