It’s not too late to vote

El Centro polling place welcomes you. Photo by Wendi.
El Centro polling site welcomes you. Photo by Wendi.
We stopped by El Centro de la Raza, our precinct’s polling site, shortly before 5 pm. There were a lot of people there (in a fairly tiny room) but no lines, and a lot of happy energy. If you haven’t voted yet, polls are open until 8:00 pm, and if you are in line before that time, you get to vote even if it’s after 8:00. So, no excuses — get out there and vote! If you have an absentee ballot in hand that you forgot to mail, you can drop it off at your local polling site.

I will miss these polling sites when we switch to all-mail voting next year. There was always something special about going in to vote next to your neighbors, and exchanging a few words with the poll workers. It was a great bit of Americana, and I think we’ll have lost a piece of our community’s soul when it is gone.

3 thoughts on “It’s not too late to vote”

  1. I’m in total agreement with you. It was a way to remember that voting is not just some blind opinion poll, but the very act of the people coming together to guide their government. (Well, that’s the theory, anyway.)

  2. I agree, John. Even though I did a mail in ballot this year, I do miss voting at a polling site a bit. My wife and I attended the caucus earlier this year, and it reminded me of the missing community aspect of voting by mail.

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