Visit Beacon Hill via Google

Google Street View just went live for Seattle, so now you can take a virtual “walk” around the neighborhood just by browsing Google Maps in Street View mode. It looks like the photos of Beacon Hill were taken in early July or late June. Check it out:

The light rail station site as seen in Street View
The light rail station site as seen in Street View

2 thoughts on “Visit Beacon Hill via Google”

  1. I’ve Google Street View to navigate Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods when my brothers lived there.

    I looked up my own Columbia City address and was struck dumb to see that Google had captured the two lovely vans permanently parked in front of my neighbor’s house. Just great!

  2. I lived in Minneapolis briefly in the 80s, and Street View is a lot of fun to “walk” around my old neighborhood and reminisce. (The area I lived in doesn’t seem to have changed a bit!)

    Also in Minneapolis, you can walk across the I-35 bridge in Street View, but then when you turn around on the exit on the E side of the bridge, the bridge is gone and there are news trucks all over the place. Apparently Google drove over the bridge right before it collapsed, and then took the pictures on the overpass a day or so after the collapse. Very strange to look at.

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