Snow day Thursday updates

Please drive carefully if you must drive today!
Please drive carefully if you must drive today!

As of 10:20ish this morning:

  • Trash pickup for Thursday and Friday postponed
  • Golf courses closed for golf, but open for sledding!
  • Columbian Way exit of I-5/east end of West Seattle Bridge is closed now open after accidents have been cleared (updated 12:30pm)
  • Police are only responding to injury crashes — file property damage reports or hit-and-runs via internet

As of 11:20ish:

  • Beacon Avenue South appears to have been sanded, but only the southbound lane.
  • The Beacon Hill Library branch has a sign posted that they’re opening at noon today
  • Bank of America at the north end of Beacon Ave. is not yet open and no indication of when they might open
  • Metro‘s adverse weather route information
  • SDOT‘s snow routes map (pdf) — SDOT crews working 12-hour shifts until the weather improves

Between about 12:20 and 1:20:

  • Beacon Pub and Victrola/Galaxie open — Victrola is packed with toddlers!
  • Positive sighting of a northbound route 36 bus — also observed a “SPECIAL SHUTTLE” northbound on Beacon Ave., too (anyone know what that is?)
  • Sanding truck seen re-sanding southbound, northbound may have been sanded a while ago


  • Road blocked eastbound by semi-truck impact with pole 32nd  & Myrtle
  • Honda struck utility pole at Beacon & Stevens
  • Animal control is only responding to life-threatening issues currently

Metro has cancelled or severely reduced service this afternoon and evening.

If you have additional news and updates on, please add them in the comments.

Thanks to West Seattle Blog’s Twitter reports for much of the first batch!