Tell the mayor what you really think

A lot of Seattleites have some, um, strong opinions about the way things went in this city during our recent “snow event.” If you’re one of them, Mayor Nickels wants to talk to you! The mayor is inviting city residents to talk about their winter storm experiences with him, and with department heads and city staff, as part of a citywide performance review of emergency snow operations.

Three meetings are planned, but none in Southeast Seattle; one’s in the Central District, though, so it’s not too far away:

At the meetings, we’re told you’ll be able to talk one-on-one with the mayor, and also meet with staff from transportation, utilities and other departments.

One thought on “Tell the mayor what you really think”

  1. What if what I really think is that we need a new Mayor! How about a Mayor who knows how things are going in real time and doesn’t need to hold feel-good meetings after the fact that will have zero impact on how similar events are dealt with every few years.

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