Broadstripe cable TV & internet provider files for bankruptcy protection

Broadstripe (formerly Millennium Digital Media), cable television, internet, and telephone provider for a large portion of Beacon Hill, the entire Central Area, and parts of Capitol Hill and Queen Anne (inside the dashed red lines), has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The City of Seattle Office of Cable Communications notes:

The local Broadstripe office confirmed the filing and will send us formal notification. We will meet with them as soon as is feasible. Broadstripe also confirmed its commitment to continue providing service to Seattle customers with no interruptions during the financial restructuring. We will monitor customer calls to the Cable Office to confirm that service does not suffer.

This action was apparently taken back at the beginning of January, according to the city website.

I wonder if this might light a fire under the development of a municipal cable or fiber deployment like Tacoma has with their Click! Network. A city task force concluded in 2005 that “in order to remain competitive, Seattle needs fiber-optic lines to the home.” As of last spring, the city was still looking for a partner to help build and run such a system.

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  1. We bought a place this year in the CD and found out Broadstripe was our only choice. We moved from a Comcast area. While we did have a couple issues with Comcast over the years their service is FAR better than Broadstripe. The channel selection, HD quality, internet speeds, customer service, techs, absolutely everything was 1000x better than Broadstripe is.

    In comment #30 the Seattle Council Member letter stated Broadstripe has a 10 yr contract that started in 2007. What does that mean exactly? Can the city not cancel their services? Why did they renew it anyway? Shouldn’t this be something that the people vote on or at least have a say in since we are the ones subjected to the service 27/7?

    Help me understand! We MUST get rid of them!!

  2. I’m tired of all the problems Broadstripe has I just wish they’d fix and keep all the
    Channels from pixelating all the time. I call customer service and all they want to do is set appointments
    for a in home tech call instead of checking system
    headend first then if needed then make appointment.
    also customer service needs to have better hours like 24hrs to deal with outages and not just someone to answer phones but true customer service reps who can access acct info and dispatch techs immediately if needed nights and weekends with out help is totally wrong and techs should completely tell customer service reps what the problems are how long it will be what the cause is if known so service reps can tell customers, as a customer it is our right to know
    and credits given to all affected customers of an outage Television or Broadband and or phone or all, personally I feel A credit of $5 for Television Cable $5 for Phone and $5 Broadband outages Each not to exceed $15 for all per Event per day for any outage lasting over 30 mins.

  3. This is the sorriest excuse for a business providing a service I have ever encountered, I mean it they are so bad at ALL aspects of everything, I believe they either have there staff trained to be complete jerks or they get so many bad phone calls every day that they are just plain jaded. I have been stuck with this company for almost 2 years now because of where I live, I am actually thinking about moving because of my cable service, imagine that moving out of your home because you hate your cable provider so much. I am serious about this. First off it took them 1 month to hook up my cable, after they hooked it up almost half of my channels looked like they did back in 1984 when I called they said that because of the fiber optic network that is as good as it gets, my Internet is so bad that I can barely stream a movie or do my work on the Internet because it keeps going out, even if it doesn\’t go out it is so slow I feel like it is dial up. that is just one of the many many problems I have with this company, I cant express my anger enough with them. When you call there hours are Monday thru Friday and if there is a problem after hours you have to wait till they are open, however if there is a problem while they are open you sure as hell will get no help with there mindless poor excuses of employees that I believe are trained to make everything your fault not theirs. I have been on hold for 1 hour many times to ask a simple question or to try to resolve an error on their part, the only time you are not on hold is when you pay your bill, they are very quick to take your money where that brings me to the final part of my rant THEIR BILLING!!!!! Don\’t trust it EVER, they have taken so much of my money because my bill is always different, every month it said something different for some reason, plus you cant even read their bills (if you even get an updated one) I pay on line every month so one month they decided to use my credit card and take $260.00 out of my account without my knowledge, I was pissed, when I finally got ahold of them they said there has been a billing glitch and they have been undercharging me for months, I thought they were overcharging me! when I finally got this resolved after paying it, they then gave me a late fee on top of that. I HATE THIS COMPANY, I want them to just go away for good so I may live in peace. I wish their bankruptcy last year killed the company but it didn\’t they are still making every ones life a living hell.

  4. We’ve lived on 17th ave on BH for 3+ years and have suffered BS. Netflix streaming is impossible and lately I have to reboot the modem EVERY SINGLE TIME I sit down to use the computer. This week we were down all week. My wife made the calls and it took 5 transfers and 40 minutes to schedule a technician to come out a week later. Today, the day the technician was set to show up, our service magically reappears after a 6 straight days of no internet access.

    I was trying to coordinate a telecommute plan with my employer and have had to stop because my internet access is too inconsistent to do my job remotely.

    I would pay $200+ per month and write it off for better service, but I have no choice because some idiots at City Hall entered a contract to lock an already disadvantaged population into an exclusive deal with a bankrupt company with no incentive to improve their track record of horrible connectivity, tv-service and customer support.

    pathetic. Like others on this forum, I am considering moving as soon as possible to escape Broadstripe.

  5. I worked for broadstripe for a year and can say they are not only the worst cable provider but also the worst employer. They cant keep anyone there because the only thing they care about is their money. Skrew the customer & skrew the employee is all they care about. Oh yeah dont even try to ask for a manager it is a senior rep who is trained to make you feel happy with out loosing the company money. That place sucked!!

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