Drug dealing bus driver busted (updated)

The P-I’s Seattle 911 blog details the arrest this morning of a Metro bus driver caught dealing drugs from his bus by undercover police officers near South Leo Street and Beacon Avenue South, where the route 42 bus runs briefly on Beacon Hill.

More information is available in Seattle 911‘s original report.

Update: The bus driver is also accused of dealing crack out of his South Beacon Hill home. Details here.

4 thoughts on “Drug dealing bus driver busted (updated)”

  1. I saw the headline on the P-I site, and my first thought was, that’s gotta be Beacon Hill. So much crack on the buses here, even the drivers are selling it.

  2. My favorite comment on the P-I discussion about this was:

    “Do you know if this is the Route 42 driver who talks to himself and laughs maniacally as he drives and also asks everyone who boards, almost without exception, if they’re ‘ready to go fishin’?'”

  3. That guy is awesome! He’s usually really sweet. It seems like he only ask about the fishin’ if its rainin’.
    I typically see him when I get on in the afternoon at the end of his shift. Several times he’s stopped in the middle of the street (Dexter Ave) to save the time of pulling over to the curb and then pushed me behind the line, telling me not to pay so that he can get going again faster.

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