Updated: Our SODO neighbors had a blog

SODO at sunset. Photo by Wendi.
SODO at sunset. Photo by Wendi.
(Editor’s note, Feb. 26: Only two days after SODO Agogo went live, a post on that blog today says it’s shutting down. Perhaps someone else in the neighborhood will pick up where SODO Agogo left off.)

We’d like to welcome the folks at the SODO Agogo blog to the Seattle neighborhood blogosphere! Many of us pass through SODO on a regular basis, so a blog for that area should be useful to Beaconians. It may end up with a different feel than other neighborhood blogs, since it’s not really a residential neighborhood, but it has lots of businesses, restaurants, and entertaining.

(On another topic: I wonder why people spell it SODO. Why not SoDo since it was, originally, “South of the Dome” and now is “South of Downtown”? Sometimes I spell it with lower-case letters anyway because I don’t like the all-caps version.)

5 thoughts on “Updated: Our SODO neighbors had a blog”

  1. I try to spell it as many different ways as I can!

    When I spell it using all caps, I keep in mind the sign on the side of the post office parking garage at Lander and the busway, which has ‘SODO’ in big, all caps, red letters. Fortunately, web addresses are not case sensitive!

    Thank you for the kind words – hope we’re around for a long, long time.

  2. Heh, I don’t pay attention to the sign. Signs are in all-caps all the time. The sign on Safeco Field says “SAFECO FIELD” but we don’t have to use the all-caps!

    Best wishes for the blog!

  3. “Why not SoDo since it was, originally, “South of the Dome” and now is “South of Downtown”?”

    I’m glad you mentioned this. Since when I tell my friends that SoDo originally meant “South of the Dome” they look at me like I’ve been drinking Whacky Juice. So, I’m glad to see the validation here.

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