Photo: Reservoir fence coming down

Photo by Joel Lee
Photo by Joel Lee
Neighbor Joel Lee writes:

I was walking my dog this morning and noticed that they are taking down the gulag style chain-link and barbed wire fence that surrounded the now underground reservoir at Jefferson park. It has been a blight on the neighborhood for years and a major step in reclaiming the park as a public space. In the attached photo the fence you see at the bottom is just a temporary fence.

Exciting news! That huge open space up there atop the reservoir is going to provide great views and a place to lounge in the sun or run or toss a Frisbee or ball around.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Reservoir fence coming down”

  1. I noticed this this morning. Still may be awhile until this area’s opened up for public access, but at least it looks like progress–trading one ugly chain link fence for another! A friend of mine working on the design for the new park said they hope to possibly get out to bid later this year for the basic park improvements, but they’re struggling with budget. Here’s hoping the new pro parks levy can get this thing moving again. It’s been so slow. Last time I saw a plan it included 2 baseball and 1 soccer field, but I don’t think those are slated to be funded in the first phase of park construction.

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