Gas leak near station construction

Jacqueline just wrote to the mailing list about a major gas leak reported at 16th & Lander (presumably at the light rail station) “in case you were wondering about the smell and commotion.” Nineteen units are responding.

Update from Tri Nguyen via Twitter: “Beacon Ave S northbound blocked.” Gabe confirms: “Just drove past. Beacon Ave is all closed down.”

Update from KING5Seattle: “2-inch natural gas line break at Beacon Hill light rail station. People in area advised to keep windows shut and stay inside.” Story here.

Check the comments for more updates.

Another update from KING5Seattle: “Gas has been shut off and final repairs are underway.”

Reader mootkat has posted a video showing the wide area that was closed off:

One thought on “Gas leak near station construction”

  1. I tried to go to the Bank of America, couldn’t get to it. A lot of response and road blocks so plan ahead if you need to do business around there. I drove down College St. to get to the BofA in the CD and the gas smell was SUPER strong. Hope they can take care of it quickly.

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