NBHC meeting to tackle density topic

The North Beacon Hill Council meeting this Thursday will include discussion of the Transit-Oriented Development bill, HB1490, and the changes and density that the light rail station may bring to North Beacon Hill.

The meeting and discussion, as with all NBHC meetings, is open to all residents of Beacon Hill.

Time and location: 7:00 pm, Thursday, March 5, in the basement of the Beacon Hill Lutheran Church, 1730 South Forest (just east of the Library). Ample parking is available.

Here’s the full agenda:

  • 7:00 Hellos and announcements
    • Jefferson Park Festival, June 27 – volunteers?
    • Picnic and Piñatas, July 18 – volunteers?
  • 7:10 Light Rail and Neighborhood Changes:
    • HB1490 Pro and Con, Update
    • Bill LaBorde, Transp. Choices Coalition
    • Jenna Walden, Community Activist, Othello Neighborhood Council
  • 7:20 A time for questions and answers
  • 7:40 Lyle Bicknel, Seattle Department of Transportation, and leader of the SDOT and Dept. of Neighborhoods team which is working with the Neighborhood Policy Advisory Committee (NPAC) – an update on what’s happening
  • 7:50 Questions and answers
  • 8:10 Seattle Police Department and/or Shelly Bates
  • 8:20 Comments and concerns
  • 8:30 Close

Thanks to Judith Edwards for sending out the agenda!

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