Four vehicle crash injures pedestrians, driver at Beacon and Columbian

The Seattle P-I reports that a vehicle-pedestrian collision was reported just before 2:30 pm today at Beacon Avenue South and South Columbian Way. Police are investigating the incident.

Edited to add further info:

KOMO 4 has a photo and further information. A 60 year old woman driving near the above intersection collided with another car, then veered into a grocery store parking lot and hit two women there. One pedestrian has broken bones, and the driver and the other pedestrian have minor injuries.

Edited yet again, 10:19pm::

The accident was worse than KOMO’s information stated. According to Seattle Police, four vehicles were involved in the collision, and there were life-threatening injuries to at least two people. An 81-year-old woman driving a Lexus sedan lost control of her car while attempting to back out of a parking space in the parking lot on the northwest corner of Beacon and Columbian. Then she hit a woman who had been a passenger in her car, then continued backward, striking another car and pinning its driver, then hit yet another vehicle. The driver of the Lexus and one of the pedestrians were transported to Harborview with life-threatening injuries; the other pedestrian was transported to Harborview with non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating the accident.

Beacon and Columbian was not the best intersection to pass through this afternoon. Half an hour after the earlier accident, a 30-year-old man on a moped was struck by an SUV. The moped driver was also taken to Harborview with non-fatal injuries.

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2 thoughts on “Four vehicle crash injures pedestrians, driver at Beacon and Columbian”

  1. “Northwest corner” eh? That would be the dreaded Fou Lee Market with its nightmare of a parking lot. I live in the neighborhood near there and Fou Lee is NOT a good neighbor. For years, they’ve enjoyed a bustling business but have done nothing to keep that corner clean nor have they done squat to manage the parking situation. Several of the comments on KOMO’s site unfairly jumped on the age of the driver – it’s obvious none of those people live near this intersection and know that you take your chances when driving near Fou Lee.

  2. Fou Lee instructs customers to park on the sidewalk and makes pedestrians with strollers walk their babies into the busy intersection to get around the parked cars. Also, their banh mi suck.

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