Beacon Bits: Chekhov, snakes, and liquor

Volunteers are building a better home for snakes like these in Jose Rizal park. Photo by benketaro.
Volunteers are building a better home for snakes like these in Jose Rizal park. Photo by benketaro.
  • Performances of Anton Chekhov’s The Lost Highway are tonight (June 6) and next Thursday through Saturday, June 11-13, at 8:00 pm. The venue is Art’s on Beacon Hill, 4951 13th Avenue South. (Thanks to Audrey Chesnutt for letting us know.)
  • Craig Thompson reports that, as part of today’s Seattle Works Day event, a team of folks was to help build a herpetarium (an environment for garter snakes) near the northwest side of the off-leash area at Dr. Jose Rizal Park. Additionally, volunteers picked up rocks and debris in the off-leash area to make it easier for Seattle Parks and Recreation to mow the meadow. (Garter snakes are not poisonous, so have no fear of the snakes!)
  • Inay’s beer/spirits/wine application has been approved. Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine is at 2503 Beacon Avenue South and the food is quite tasty. In other liquor license news, two local businesses have liquor license renewals coming up on August 30: Thai Recipe at 2609 South McClellan Street and Dahlak Eritrean Cuisine at 2007 South State Street. If you have comments or concerns about either of these renewals, send them to John McGoodwin at (Thanks to Shelly Bates for the report.)
  • Can’t wait to see the inside of the Beacon Hill light rail station? Sound Transit has posted a photo of the recently-installed artwork inside the underground station. A couple of weeks before that, they posted a photo of air-flow testing within the station.

3 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: Chekhov, snakes, and liquor”

  1. Whoa! That light rail art is really cool. I’ve heard about it but this is the first time I’ve seen it. Thanks for the link.

  2. Dogs and snakes are a bad combination. Dead snakes, sick dogs – an all around lose lose if you ask me. I used to frequent jose rizal with my dogs but no more.

  3. Cat – what problem do you see with dogs and garter snakes? Unless you’re letting your dog run off and outside of the dog park, there is no issue here.

    I’d happily help build a habitat for these guys..and bring my dogs to the park at the same time!

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