Lost dogs, found cat, and a loud rooster (Updated)

Is this your kitty?
Is this your kitty?
We hope all of your pets are at home, happy and healthy after last night’s fireworks. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten a lot of reports of pets going walkabout lately, even before the July 4th noise.

This message was posted yesterday on the Georgetown neighborhood mailing list by seaofcarnage@yahoo.com:

Friday night July 3, a very well mannered and nice yellow dog appeared at
the 9 lb Hammer. He is definitely not a stray. No collar or tags were found,
I have taken him into my care until his owner is found. If you know of
anyone that lost a dog last night, he is at my home on Warsaw. I will
contact the shelter on Sunday to see if he has a chip and to report him,
however I will not be handing over custody of him to the shelter. Please let
me know if you know where this dog belongs, I believe he came down from
Beacon Hill

Henry, a neighbor at 19th Avenue South and South Lander, found an adorable little black kitty in his yard on July 4. The cat has a pink collar and bell, but no tags. Is she yours? Contact Henry at hlouie1979@msn.com.

Have you seen Bruno?
Have you seen Bruno?
On Friday evening, a four-year-old brindle lab/pit mix dog, Bruno, was lost from the area of 19th Avenue South and South College Street. He’s 85-90 pounds, and has a black collar with ID tags. If you find him, please call 253-218-9635 or 253-332-6944.

One other possible pet was reported to be making its own noise — a rooster. Roosters are, of course, illegal in the city of Seattle (you can have three hens, though!). Rumor has it that at least one rooster is running wild in North Beacon, however, so the one that’s been cock-a-doodle-dooing this week near the area of 15th Avenue South and South College Street may be the that one.

Update, July 6: We are told that the rooster near 15th and College really does belong to someone (see the comments below) and has been living there for some time now. Also, we were apparently misinformed. Roosters are not illegal in Seattle. But neighbors can make noise complaints to Animal Control at 206-386-7387.

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  1. That rooster is so loud! His pen is by the alley of 13th/14th & College/Beacon. I followed his cock a doodle doos.

  2. The rooster on 15th and College has been around for months. It couldn’t be the one that’s running wild.

  3. Does anyone know who to report the rooster to? I called about 6 months ago and i was told residents are allowed to have up to 3 foul in the city of seattle.

    We live 2 houses from the rooster and it has gotten significanly worse over the last few weeks. We cannot take it anymore, it is cock-a-doodle dooing all hours of the night.

    Any info. how to report this would be great, in the meantime I’ll do some searching on my own.

  4. I spoke with someone at the planning & development department, there is no code violation against having roosters, unfortunatly. Residents are allowed to have up to 3 foul in the city limits, but noise complaints can be filed.

    If anyone would like to file a complaint please call the Animal Control Department at 206.386.7387.

    The address of where the rooster resides is 2302 15th Ave S (98144)

  5. Interesting, I always had heard that roosters were prohibited. I guess it comes down to a noise issue, similar to dogs. I also didn’t realize you could have larger farm animals as long as your lot is large enough. I saw a small goat in the front yard of a house on 19th a few weeks ago.

  6. I could swear that I had looked up the law in Seattle and found that roosters were illegal, but up to 3 chickens would be OK. Now I can’t find it, though, so I’ve corrected this post.

  7. I am so happy to find others who know about this rooster and his whereabouts. We moved to Beacon Hill in March but didn’t hear a peep from him until a week and a half ago and now it’s absolutely unbearable. So sorry for his direct neighbors. We will be filing a noise complaint with Animal Control this week. Thanks for the address – I was afraid I’d have to get up and track his crowing at 4am.

  8. Holy crap. This rooster is driving me nuts. Here I was trying to research the law and I stumbled upon this website talking about the exact same rooster that has abruptly woken me up every morning for the past 3 weeks. I can’t take it, it is so loud.

    Furthermore I am taking this post to all of my neighbors and asking them all to file noise complaints with the city. It is utterly unbearable.

    Thanks for providing the information.

    I too, thought roosters were illegal but I couldn’t find any info on that…

    But enough noise complaints should do the job.

  9. I just talked with Animal Control, and a very patient woman explained the noise complaint procedure to me. All it takes to begin the process is one person filing a noise complaint, but the process can last months if the owner is resistant. There are citations with substantial fines but still, it could be months.

    I lived next door to roosters in the U Dist many years ago, and the owner told me I should get up early, that is, with the roosters. I was a teacher, getting up at 6 am, but the 3.30 crowing was too much. As I recall, raccoons came and got the roosters fairly soon after that.

    I love to hear a rooster call from a distance, just as I love to hear the train whistle from a distance. Next door?? No thank you!!

  10. Not sure if this helps anything, but here is a Seattle Municipal Code that talks about the “Keeping of Small Animals”:


    According to this, it doesn’t look like there is anything specifically prohibiting roosters (though I thought I’d heard that somewhere before too). But, I imagine the noise complaint route would still work.

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