A memorial to the Fourth of July

Photo by Joel Lee.
Photo by Joel Lee.
Joel Lee was walking around Jefferson Park yesterday and noticed a large amount of fireworks debris from the night before. It wouldn’t fit in the trash cans, so he gathered it up and made tower art, a sort of memorial for the previous night’s revelry. (Photo from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool. Thanks, Joel!)

3 thoughts on “A memorial to the Fourth of July”

  1. Ha! Thanks for posting. You can’t really tell size from the photo but this was over 8 feet tall.

  2. Oh, wow. I had no idea. I thought it was around 3 feet tall!

    I liked watching the fireworks on Saturday night, but they really should have cleaned up the mess afterward, huh?

  3. I can’t believe how inconsiderate people are with leaving all this garbage around on 4th of July (are they celebrating their independence from the tyranny of trash collection?). The trash near my house (near Maplewood Playfield) is so bad each year that I dread the holiday and I just want to not be here. People blast off fireworks all night long and the next day the streets and the park are a wreck. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the park was not in horrible shape this year–some people even cleaned up their own messes! Maybe next year we could have a neighborhood cleanup day on the 5th, and/or post some signs and trash bags at popular fireworks launching spots on the 4th so people might pick up there own crap.

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