Light Rail restaurant reviews: La Cabaña

La Cabaña recently repainted their cheery sign. Photo by Wendi
La Cabaña recently repainted their cheery sign. Photo by Wendi
La Cabaña is Tex-Mex style cooking: lots of gooey cheddar cheese & smothered stuff. It’s not health food, but it is delicious!

Family-run and super friendly, this is where we take visitors when we want to spread out and enjoy a lot of good food without spending very much money. Portions are LARGE–you’ll have enough for lunch the next day. Dinner for 3 usually totals about $35, including drinks.

Try the mole enchiladas, the tostados, and the tamales. Rice and beans are basic and good. Two kinds of salsa and all you can eat chips (with ongoing refills) come with every meal. My niece loves the horchata (sweet rice drink) and my sweetie loves the Negro Modelo beer. I stick with water or occasionally a wine sangria. No hard alcohol here.

It’s almost always empty, but they’ve been around forever. The booths are roomy and the staff are always happy to see groups with kids. Decor is kitschy, in an adorable way.

I love La Cabaña. If you live on the Hill, walk on down. If you’re visiting on the train, it’s just a couple of blocks from the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station.

La Cabaña
2532 Beacon Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 322-9643

7 thoughts on “Light Rail restaurant reviews: La Cabaña”

  1. I had a lovely beef salad there once.

    The new sign is nice, but putting the window back there would make the space 10 zillion times more inviting.

  2. I’ve never eaten there, YET. We never seem to be walking around that area but yesterday we did to get to the Light Rail. I told my son we should try it sometime.

  3. @JvA–you’re right, windows would help. Stick your head in the door to see how welcoming they are. Really nice folks.

    @Bridget–I know what you mean about not walking certain directions. La Cabana is totally worth deviating from your normal routine.

  4. On our way to the LINK festivities on Saturday, a group of friends and I decided to stop in and try out La Cabaña. The reviews were spot-on: delicious food, friendly staff, and a great sangria! Be sure to check out the kitsch decor on the walls, paying special attention to the aggressive-looking deer by the back door. 🙂

  5. Thanks for reminding folks about this place. I only go here a few times a year (for the last 10+ years) and am usually surprised they’re still around because everytime I go there’s at most 4 other people in there. Super friendly staff though and the food is pretty much as expected for a tex-mex joint.

  6. I know how nice they are. I had a lovely beef salad there once. I just wish it didn’t feel so claustrophobic with the big front window closed up.

  7. I LOVE La Cabana. It is the only restaurant in Seattle that remotely resembles Tex Mex, and it is very good Tex Mex. The owners are wonderful, friendly people. When I moved to Seattle from Greater Texas I was thrilled to be in a progressive community, but my stomach was extremely lonely. I spent many evenings dining alone at La Cabana. I never had anything less than superb comfort food, and never felt like anything less than a friend.

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