Crime Notes: Burglary escape sounds like an action film

The damage left behind when the Cherokee rammed its way out. Photo by Rob.
The damage left behind when the Cherokee rammed its way out. Photo by Rob.
Rob near 15th and Spokane writes about what had to be a dramatic and brazen daylight burglary (emphasis mine):

Our house was burglarized Tuesday some time around mid-day. They appear to have entered through a window we thought was too high from the ground, or even a ladder, to make possible. They took two laptops, and our 32″ LCD TV in the living room (probably peeked through front door / window blinds and saw that, motivating the break-in). To top the whole thing off, they then stole my silver ’01 Jeep Cherokee out of the locked garage, ramming it through the closed garage door. Fortunately nobody was home or hurt, but we are very shaken up.

That sort of exit had to attract some attention. If you have any information about this break-in that could be helpful, if you were in the area of 15th and Spokane and saw anything yesterday, please contact the Seattle Police Department. Also, keep an eye out for a silver Jeep Cherokee with 60th anniversary edition badges and 5-spoke alloy wheels, plate number A58145Z; when found, it may be useful for collecting fingerprint evidence. I’d imagine there’d also have to be a bit of scratching-up on it, having driven through a garage door.

Updated with photo from Rob.

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  1. I’m so sorry to read of this. I live about a half dozen houses away. Had the week off and was working on the house and misc errands but did not see/hear anything. But, few years earlier, had a daytime smash/grab attempt in my house. They didn’t realize I was at home at the time and I met them at the back kitchen door as it came crashing inwards…glass and wood splinters everywhere. Fortunately, in my case, they exited immediately as I confronted them. I upgraded my security environment quite a bit since, but shy of being at home all the time, even that’s not much of a guarantee. Sad state of affairs, though I still enjoy Beacon Hill and have not considered moving.

  2. the police won’t dust it for prints. We had a similar situation and could SEE the prints left behind and the police weren’t interested. They said it wouldn’t be worth doing and probably wouldn’t turn anything up anyway. say what? I was so ticked off at this. About a month later I found my motorcycle behind a house a few blocks away with several others and 20-30 bikes and misc other stolen items.

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