Van Asselt playground project needs neighbor help

Keyunda Wilson at Van Asselt is trying to get a Neighborhood Grant to bring a play structure to Van Asselt Elementary @ the African American Academy.

To be eligible for the grant and to bring a community playground to this area we need 25% of the pledges to come directly from the neighborhood! I need to have pledged commitments by Friday the 28th.

Time is short: the 28th is tomorrow!

Ways you can pledge to help:

  • With your time: join the Playground Committee, attend a planning meeting, help design the playground
  • With materials: lending or buying tools and equipment, providing snacks for the builders
  • With labor: paint or assemble the play structure
  • With organizing: contact and recruit other people in the community who may be interested in the project

If you’d like to help, email Keyunda at or with your name, address, phone number, and the number of hours you are willing to pledge and/or kinds of volunteer activities or items you can pledge. Or call 206-252-7500.