Beacon Bits: Planes quiet down, neighbors speak up

Joel Lees happy dog recently posed in front of the Beacon Hill Fire Station. Photo by Joel in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Joel Lee's happy dog recently posed in front of the Beacon Hill Fire Station. Photo by Joel in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Could there eventually be less airplane noise in Beacon Hill and other Seattle neighborhoods? According to the Seattle Times, a new GPS-based air traffic control system could move some planes over Elliott Bay instead of the path over Capitol Hill, the Central District, and Beacon Hill, and allow jets to glide in, making less noise. The new system is currently being tested by Alaska Airlines, and the article suggests that it might be used during the busy daytime period “potentially within five years.” (Thanks to the Central District News for bringing this to our attention.)

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The Seattle City Council is bringing a town-hall meeting to Southeast Seattle, from 6:30 – 8:30pm on Tuesday, September 22. The public are invited to attend this event, where Councilmembers will ask for feedback on light rail, crime and city services while also taking your questions. Questions at the event may be written or asked live on the microphone, or submitted in advance to

The meeting will be at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club located at 4520 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, just a couple of blocks north of the Columbia City Link light rail station. For information or questions, call 206-684-8805. Accommodations for a disability or translation services can be made in advance by calling Nancy Roberts at 206-684-8146.

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After an August break, the North Beacon Hill Council will be meeting again this month. The meeting date is Thursday, September 10, at Beacon Lutheran Church, across the street from the library at 1720 South Forest Street.

Here’s the agenda:

  • 7:00 Welcome
  • 7:05  Lyle Bicknell, Neighborhood Planning Update followed by Q & A
  • 7:35  Brian Dougherty, Seattle Department of Transportation – 15th Ave. Parking
  • 7:50  Goodbye to Eric Sano, Seattle Police Department
  • 8:00  Community reports and concerns
    • Steve Louie, Neighborhood Coordinator (3 minutes)
    • Neighborhood Planning Ad Hoc Committee (10 minutes – includes time to vote)
    • Community concerns (10 minutes)
    • Next month/announcements (7 minutes)
  • 8:30  Close


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  1. I am trying to organize neighbors in Beacon Hill and the Central District. Since about June of this year, and, as I write this, the planes have been roaring nonstop all day long seven days a week practically over 15th Avenue South to 12th Avenue South. I have found some federal laws that may assist in filing an injunction against the FAA and the Port to cease in the disproportionate exposure to airplane noise that ours and other southend neighborhoods have been experiencing. Please contact me at

    Thank you!

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