Saturday on the Hill: McGinn Town Hall, Mid-Autumn Festival of Lights

Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow (Saturday, October 3) on South Beacon Hill. The location is the Van Asselt Community Center, 2821 South Myrtle Street. The town hall meeting starts at 3:00 pm.

Quite nearby is another event, the Mid-Autumn Festival of Lights (Trung Thu) at John C. Little Park, 6961 37th Avenue South. This event is free, and includes moon cakes, storytelling, lanterns, face painting, and more celebratory fun. It’s from 6:00-9:00 pm, so you can easily attend both events.

5 thoughts on “Saturday on the Hill: McGinn Town Hall, Mid-Autumn Festival of Lights”

  1. Unrelated — Anyone know what’s up with the RockIt Space where Buggy used to be? What is it?

  2. When I talked to the folks there before they opened, they described it as a sort a jam and practice space for musicians, plus a place for one-on-one or very small group music lessons. I haven’t been back by yet to see how it’s come together.

  3. Their website is — I live around the corner and am interested to see what happens here.

    And back on topic — I’m curious to hear impressions of McGinn – from those who attended the town hall.

  4. Hi there! Thought i’d chime in about Rockit Space. I’m co-director of the project. We are a start-up non-profit art space/very small community center. As Heather said, you can check us out at for more info. But please join us this weekend if you can, we are having a soft grand opening for the community. All weekend we’re having a costume exchange/costume making event and pumpkin carving. There will be some low-key live music in the evening on Saturday and a kids dance class Sunday as well as more music and other fun stuff.

    Sorry for the lack of better promotion, we’re working on it. We could use some volunteers! There are just two of us gals starting this thing on a shoe string and not following any particular model. We hope the community, our friends and neighbors will help us to make Rockit into a wonderful resource and just a great place to be and be creative. We envision Rockit as a place to meet, to gather, get to know your neighbors (though you don’t have to live on Beacon Hill to participate), share ideas, thoughts, tools, equipment, what have you.

    Sorry, I’m rambling! Please stop by this weekend and say hi, we’d love to meet you!


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