Festival Street construction to begin Monday

South Lander Street will be closed between 16th Avenue South and 17th Avenue South from Monday, October 12, through December 1 for construction of the new Lander Festival Street. The Festival Street will extend the plaza north from Beacon Hill Station, providing a space for neighborhood festivals and events.

The project will include construction of a new roadway with decorative pavers, at the same level as the sidewalks, making the street “curbless”; adding removable bollards that can be used to close the street during events; adding other side treatments to delineate the roadway surface; and installing pedestrian-scale lighting.

During construction, along with the road closure of South Lander Street, you can expect pedestrian detours and some moderate to high construction noise and dust for a short period of time. Typical work hours are planned to be 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Festival Street project is a community-generated project, requested by the North Beacon Hill Council, and funded through the Large Neighborhood Street Fund. The Seattle Department of Transportation project website is located at http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/btg_nsf_lander.htm.

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5 thoughts on “Festival Street construction to begin Monday”

  1. So let me get this right: Two months after putting in a street, we are taking out a street?

    Would it have been a better idea to keep the street and clean up the south lot of El Centro for our festivals?

    And before we took on the issue of “festival streets”, why didn’t we do something about all the motorists who disregard the pedestrian crosswalk on Beacon in front of the station?

    Pretty is nice, but practical is much better.

  2. Nope, they aren’t tearing out the street that is there. They are building over it. It’s been part of the plan for a while — Sound Transit’s contract was to put the street back in, and then SDOT will “enhance” it with the new features.

    And the street isn’t going away — it’s still going to be open to traffic, except when there are events.

  3. While you could easily argue that it might not be a priority, I do like the idea of the Festival Street. Hopefully, the neighborhood will take advantage of it.

  4. There has been a TON of input leading up to the establishment of Lander Festival Street….I’m not as knowledgable as some on the history of it. Will somebody post or point the way to a good source of the planning info.

    I’m excited to see it happen…sounds like the disruption will be pretty low-key. Farmer’s Market…Hello

  5. If the scheduled end date holds, perhaps we could have a Winter Solstice Festival to celebrate the completion of a long and at times frustrating process to get the city’s approval on this. Much appreciation to Jodie Vice, Robert Hinrix and the Beacon Hill Pedestrians for seeing this through!

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