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Lander Festival Street is open

The ribbon is cut! Photo courtesy Willie Weir.
The ribbon is cut! Photo courtesy Willie Weir.

The new Lander Festival Street opened yesterday on a sunny Saturday morning, celebrated by members of the community and visiting dignitaries including SDOT Director Grace Crunican and Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark. The Beaconettes a cappella singing group provided entertainment.

The Festival Street, located at South Lander Street between 16th and 17th avenues South, will serve as an extension of the plaza north of Beacon Hill Station, and provide a space for community festivals and events.

Some photos by Jason (click any one for the entire photoset):

Another photo by Willie Weir and J. Dong.

Meetings: Park plans, potluck, ribbon cutting, and Broadstripe

Photo by Bridget Christian
Photo by Bridget Christian
6:30pm Tonight at the Jefferson Community Center: Park enhancement and expansion with discussion of Beacon Mountain, the Park service road and promenade, improvements to Jefferson Playfield, and the Jefferson skatepark and basketball court.

Update: Missed one while assembling this post:
5:30pm Wednesday (tomorrow) at the Beacon Hill Library: SDOT community open house regarding the planned changes for Columbian Way between Beacon Avenue South and 15th Avenue South.

6:30pm Thursday at the Beacon Hill Library Community Room: North Beacon Hill Council potluck and December meeting.

10:00am Saturday next to the Beacon Hill light rail station on Lander Street: Festival Street ribbon cutting ceremony — free doughnuts and politicians!

1:00pm Saturday at the Central Area Senior Center: Broadstripe is to report on their February promises to the 30th Ave Neighbors group on the status of their recent service upgrades. Beacon Hill Broadstripe customers might also be interested in attending. Via Central District News

7:00pm next Wednesday (the 9th) at the Jefferson Community Center: Follow-up meeting with Seattle City Light regarding the new power lines going up the west side of the hill and the new higher poles running along South Stevens Street. Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco is expected to present remediation options to the nearby affected neighbors.

Check the event calendar for more.

Festival Street to open this weekend

Festival Street, nearly ready to open. Photo by Jason.
Festival Street, nearly ready to open. Photo by Jason.
A reminder: Saturday, Dec. 5, at 10:00 AM, Festival Street (South Lander Street between Beacon Avenue South and 17th Avenue South, next to Beacon Hill Station) will open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Coffee, donuts, and city leaders will all be there.

This long-awaited project extends the plaza north of Beacon Hill Station, giving the community a space for festivals and events. Workers from the Seattle Department of Transportation have been onsite since October, working on this improvement to Lander Street.

Photo from SDOT.
Photo from SDOT.

See more SDOT photos of the Festival Street project on Flickr.

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Festival Street construction to begin Monday

South Lander Street will be closed between 16th Avenue South and 17th Avenue South from Monday, October 12, through December 1 for construction of the new Lander Festival Street. The Festival Street will extend the plaza north from Beacon Hill Station, providing a space for neighborhood festivals and events.

The project will include construction of a new roadway with decorative pavers, at the same level as the sidewalks, making the street “curbless”; adding removable bollards that can be used to close the street during events; adding other side treatments to delineate the roadway surface; and installing pedestrian-scale lighting.

During construction, along with the road closure of South Lander Street, you can expect pedestrian detours and some moderate to high construction noise and dust for a short period of time. Typical work hours are planned to be 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Festival Street project is a community-generated project, requested by the North Beacon Hill Council, and funded through the Large Neighborhood Street Fund. The Seattle Department of Transportation project website is located at http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/btg_nsf_lander.htm.

View Lander Festival Street in a larger map