Seating experiment on the 36 today

Photo by VeloBusDriver. Click for more photos.
Photo by VeloBusDriver. Click for more photos.
Seattle Transit Blog mentions a Metro novelty running today on the 36 route: a bus with half a row of seats removed, allowing for easier circulation of passengers on routes with lots of people getting on and off. If you’re hopping a bus this evening, keep an eye out for bus number 4186 “leaving 3rd and Union Southbound at 4:45 and returning Northbound to 3rd and Pike at 6:15.”

4 thoughts on “Seating experiment on the 36 today”

  1. So the standing-room-only bus will now have even fewer seats? Excellent. Here’s a thought: more 36s. If it’s overcrowded, overheated and late, it’s a 36.

  2. I think the point is that people can on and off quicker when it is standing room-only so that it will just be overcrowded and overheated.

  3. I asked a friend who drives a 36 whether he’s seen a drop-off in the amount of riders thanks to light rail. He said no.

  4. That is surprising, since I see many northbound 36 and 60 riders get off at the BH light rail station and take the train into downtown. maybe now they have room to pick up the folks at the north end of the hill who would otherwise be passed by because of a full bus.

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