Lost: Iguana. Green. Five feet long.

Seen one of these lately? Photo by Drew Avery.
Seen one of these lately? Photo by Drew Avery.
Yes, you read that headline correctly. A five-foot-long iguana is apparently lost somewhere on North Beacon Hill.

Found today on craigslist.org:

My iguana headed out Saturday morning, Oct 17th. He cannot survive long in this weather. He was last seen near the I-90 trail at Atlantic & 17th AVE S, and may have wandered down towards 18th, up towards 23rd, or even climbed over the wall towards I-90. If you have seen him, please email me. If you live in the area or know people in the area, especially anyone who might have been driving Saturday morning, or running or biking on the I-90 trail, please let them know about this search.

Thank you,

You can contact Pete at comm-fvwj5-1430098677@craigslist.org.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Iguana. Green. Five feet long.”

  1. I actually saw this iguana at the corner of 17th and Atlantic on Saturday morning. It was right in the middle of the street in the soaking rain. We called animal control and they sent an officer. We described where we’d last seen him (walking toward the mountain to sound greenway) and were hopeing they’d found him.

    Last night I drove by and saw someone (I’m assuming the owner) had painted a “missing iguana sign” on the window of a pickup truck on 17th.

    Sadly it seems he’s still out there. Let’s hope someone finds him and he gets home!

  2. Could they put a heatlamp and log out and see if he comes to it? It might work….

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