McGinn favorite among BHB readers in poll

Mike McGinn at a town hall meeting on Beacon Hill last month. Photo by melissajonas.
Mike McGinn at a town hall meeting on Beacon Hill last month. Photo by melissajonas.
The Beacon Hill Blog Mayoral Survey is now closed. Here are the results:

  • McGinn: 61.5%
  • Mallahan: 33%
  • That dude sleeping on the bench in Triangle Park: 4%
  • Other: 1.5%

Will these match the final numbers? Time will tell.

At least two people attempted to stuff the ballot box by voting repeatedly (and obviously). Any votes that were the result of such ballot-box stuffing were removed from the final total. This left us with fewer than 100 responses, so it is a very small sample.

5 thoughts on “McGinn favorite among BHB readers in poll”

  1. I saw that guy sleeping on the bench the other day and he is looking better and better. I think there is still time for him to rally. Does anyone know his position on the viaduct replacement?

  2. On a serious note, if the viaduct is going to be replaced, South Beacon Hill and the Rainier Valley should rally to insist that this time there’s a direct connection to 99 from the Spokane St. viaduct, just like West Seattle has. When I used to live down there and had to do the Harbor Island shuffle to go to Ballard or Fremont, it seemed crazy that there wasn’t a direct line from Columbian Way to North Seattle.

  3. Yeah, I know the Spokane St. plan doesn’t include it, but it would be great if the new and improved 99 plan did. The new westbound offramp to 1st will help a bit, but there still isn’t any way to go east without crossing the train tracks, looping way out on Harbor Island, or going up to Safeco Field. Maybe my personal traffic patterns are unusual, but it seems being able to get to other neighborhoods on 99 should be as easy from Southeast Seattle as it is from West Seattle.

  4. Seriously, do you actually believe that by tearing down the viaduct and no tunnel will do any good. You will dump traffic onto the regular streets thus blocking up downtown Seattle. The tunnel is not good either. They should just re-build or retrofit the viaduct. Saves tax money and al the other hassle involved with the other 2 options.

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