Neighbors blogging: Walking hills, pipes, remodels, and reviews

This weekend there’s been a burst of activity on the blogs of some Beacon Hill neighbors. Here’s a selection of some recent posts.

Kat reflects on her former neighbor Marsha and the steep walk uphill.

Nikchick ponders how to deal with bad pipes in her home heating system.

Allison‘s attic bedroom remodel is coming together.

Brendan has posted several new album reviews.

JvA has a new set of shots from her latest photographic tour of nearby Georgetown.

Thanks bloggers! And if you live on Beacon Hill and you’ve got a blog, please point us to it!

4 thoughts on “Neighbors blogging: Walking hills, pipes, remodels, and reviews”

  1. My wife and I maintain a blog, Strange and Benevolent (link above). Originally, it was a travel blog, but recently has morphed into a baby blog (which means its mainly of interest to our own parents)… but we still occasionally post about travel, camping and our adventures around Seattle.

  2. Are you limiting it to blogs that are actually updated in a timely manner? If not, I publish my book reviews at (I don’t know what neighborhood interest it would have, if any, but I did review Seattle’s Beacon Hill at one time….)

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