Light rail delays ahead for evening riders this month

Evening Link riders should be prepared for delays until the end of the month. Sound Transit tells us that starting Monday, December 7 and lasting until December 30, Central Link light rail will operate only every 15–20 minutes between 7:00 pm and 1:00 am due to track maintenance.

This maintenance will also temporarily close some platforms on one side of the track. If your normal boarding location is closed, you will need to board both northbound and southbound Link trains at the opposite platform, as was done at Beacon Hill Station during the derailment a couple of weeks ago.

3 thoughts on “Light rail delays ahead for evening riders this month”

  1. This is disappointing to see! With so much holiday activity going on during the evenings downtown and extra travel during December, this could be frustrating.

  2. The “track maintenance” being done is smoothing the rails with a rail grinding machine. The goal is to reduce train noise in SE Seattle (and the following week in Tukwila). Turns out the trains are noisier than expected, and the rail grinding should reduce the squealing sounds that many people find annoying.

  3. The rail grinding is a guess at what might help reduce or eliminate one of the numerous disruptive sounds eminating from the train system. I hope their guesss is right, and if not, that they’ve got other guesses to try out to get rid of the noise.

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