Mobile masturbator strikes again

A man has been exposing himself from his vehicle in broad daylight, apparently targeting lone women near the light rail station.

Alice wrote to the mailing list:

Last Friday afternoon 1/8/10 around 2:30pm, I was walking my dog on the corner of 18th and Lander Street. A single male driving a dark green Ford was following me and eventually opened his car door to expose himself to me and masturbated. I turned away at first but then decided to catch his license plate but unfortunately he had it covered with a black plastic bag or cloth. I believe he’s done this before and takes measures not to get caught. I would describe him as Mexican in his mid to late 30s.

If it’s the same individual, he’s also been seen driving a blue pickup truck in November. There was also a similar report logged at last June.

Update: Chongsun posted a description his wife, Laura, gave of someone back in December that seems strikingly similar. In her case, the man did not actually expose himself, but it sure sounds like he was about to:

A man drove up to my wife as she was walking near the corner of Holgate and 20th. After making a right turn, he stopped in the middle of the street and surveyed the area to see if anyone else was around. He then got out of the truck, approached her and began to unzip his pants. When she spoke firmly, demanding to know what he was doing, he mumbled something and got back in his truck. As she kept walking up the hill, he circled the block twice in his truck, making eye contact each time.

The man was medium height, wearing a blue baseball cap, light skinned and a dark brown mustache. He wore a blue jacket and blue pants. The truck was a newer model, dark blue pickup truck.

And, she saw him again the same day as Alice:

At 9:15 AM last Friday (January 8th) at the corner of 20th and Holgate, I had an alarming interaction with a man in a dark green car. The man was wearing a camouflage baseball cap (sand/green spotted) and a black jacket that went past his waist. He had light-colored work boots on. He had a moustache. There was something black sticking out of the trunk near the license plate area, which sounds like it might be the plastic bag Alice mentioned the guy used to cover his license plate.

I remembered this man as the one who was about to expose himself to me back in December.

She was able to get a license plate number off the vehicle, and also has an incident number on file with the police department from the December episode. If you also have an incident number or details of a similar encounter that might be helpful, please comment here, or email us privately and we’ll put you in touch with Laura to consolidate information for the police.

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  1. Just finished reading Son, the book about the Spokane serial rapist in the early 80’s. His name was Fred Cole. Exposing one’s self is often the beginning of the violent cycle.

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