Beacon Bits: a strange hum, community gardening, and charity poker

Photo by Dapper Lad Cycles in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Neighbor Laura from the Beacon Hill Bungalow blog has been appointed to the City of Seattle citizen advisory board on Garbage, Yardwaste & Recycling. She says, “if you’re a resident of Seattle and have thoughts about our solid waste service, leave me a comment. Part of my role is to reach out to folks in my community, specifically those folks in SE Seattle.”

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Beacon Hill Elementary School once again had no violations when visited by Health Department inspectors. Congratulations!

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Kevin on the mailing list wants to know about a hum:

“Has anyone else noticed a humming noise that occurs at night? It doesn’t
occur all the time, but when it does it sounds like a large vacuum or leaf
blower. If I stick my head out the window it’s impossible to pinpoint — it
sounds like it’s coming from all directions. I live near McClellan and

Kevin says that there was an article last year in the West Seattle Blog about a hum, but it doesn’t look like they found an answer there. Have you heard the hum on Beacon Hill?

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Glenn Herlihy writes with news of the first Jefferson Park Community Garden meeting, on Tuesday February 2 (Groundhog Day), from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Lawn Bowling Club House, 4103 Beacon Ave South.

Herlihy says,

“A Community Garden in Jefferson Park would be a meeting place where people can grow nutritious food to reduce their food budget or share what they grow. It would provide a place for the unemployed or underemployed, to grow food and help provide for their family. A community garden would stimulate social interaction between neighbors and provide opportunities for intergenerational and cross cultural connections. It would increase security by having more activity in the area.”

The proposed site for the garden is on the western slope of Jefferson Park, south of South Columbian Way, east of 15th Avenue South. All who are interested in community gardens are invited to the meeting.

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El Centro De La Raza is holding a poker tournament and fundraiser on Saturday, February 20. The tournament is a Texas Hold ’em tournament with professional dealers, and the first prize is a $1,000 prepaid entry in the World Poker Tournament, (or an optional Visa Gift Card). There will be prizes for the top five finalists as well. The cost is $35 in advance, or $45 at the door. See for more information and registration. 

4 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: a strange hum, community gardening, and charity poker”

  1. The mystery of The Hum has been filling my head with visions of a late night mission to find its source. I don’t really notice it until it stops. When the noise stops it sounds exactly like a large vacuum cleaner or machine spooling down. I notice it then when it starts up again but it’s not as noticeable to me as when it stops. A while after it starts up, my brain filters it out and I don’t really notice. I can hear it best while in my ground floor with the window closed. My guess is the frequencies or placement of the noise allow it to travel through walls/windows or the ground. That way, when the window is closed, the extra ambient noise (like cars and airplanes) is filtered, but The Hum is not. That also means the sound is fairly non-directional, meaning tracking it down would be a challenge.

  2. I think I know what they are talking about. I was told it’s Jet engine testing at Boeing.

  3. mcclellan and 23rd is right above the light rail…perhaps this has something to do with it?? we live more west of you on beacon ave. i wake up frequently during the middle of the night…the only sounds i ever hear are trains, planes, automobiles and boat horns.

  4. I live on the south end of beacon hill. For the past several years, i noticed a HUGE eagle nest as you come down henderson, prior to getting to MLK street, you could see this nest perched atop a utility pole. I used to see the eagles (at least i think they were) in the nest alot. Now, the light rail came, and the pole and the nest is gone. Or at least i dont see it anymore, and i have looked a lot. Can someone tell me what happened or direct me to a website that might have the answers? Thanks so much, as i miss seeing these birds. Gia

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