“Beacon Hill Music” series dates selected

Paul Ray reports on last Monday’s organizing meeting for a music series at the new Lander Festival Street: 

We have decided to apply for permits for afternoon concerts on four Sundays, June 13, July 11, August 8, and August 29, for afternoon concerts. The Special Events Permit Committee meets early in February so we should find out soon if those dates are approved.
Partly due to comments made (and the points in those comments) on the Beacon Hill Blog about our meeting announcement, we decided to name the group “Beacon Hill Music” because for some people the term “BeHi” just rubs them the wrong way and others may not automatically realize it stands for Beacon Hill. But we reserve the right to still use “BeHi Music” for some purposes, such as cool t-shirts.
The music series itself will be called “Beacon Rocks” but with a tagline something like “and swings, raps, jams, sings, strums, etc.” to be clear about the diversity of musical styles we intend to include.
Thanks for everyone’s interest and as we reach any milestones (such as getting permits approved, starting to seek out musicians, etc.) we will definitely keep the community informed.

4 thoughts on ““Beacon Hill Music” series dates selected”

  1. oh, so glad. SO glad we aren’t doing BEHI. Please don’t put that on shirts, either. Please!

    Also, just curious, who is designing these shirts/other merch? Is there going to be a local design competition?


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