14th and Bayview early design guidance meeting

14th & Bayview development map
Seattle Department of Planning and Development
A development is being proposed at 14th and Bayview, project #3005359. DPD’s summary describes the project briefly as “a three-story building containing 18 residential units and religious institution assembly space at grade.” The single family home there would be removed and replaced by the new structure.

The design review meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm on Tuesday, February 23rd at the Wellspring Family Services building at 1900 Rainier Avenue South.

Chris Bailey wrote about this project on the mailing list:

This is a complex project with full design review and is a good opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the design guidelines developed for North Beacon Hill. You can find the neighborhood design guidelines here.

Thanks to Robert Hinrix and Chris Bailey for the info!

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  1. The congregation is very open to new art–they have great ideas for landscaping (native & edible plants) and the design includes a tower that will feature “some sort of art” (the presenter’s word).

    As the design progresses, it might be worthwhile to see if they’d be interested in adding a mural. Matamuros is local:

  2. Did anything about the project come through in the meeting that wasn’t presented in their planning documents? Any discussion of the lack of parking and number and size of units? I’m interested to hear what the comments were from the design review board, if there were any.

  3. I sent some notes to Wendi. The short answer is no–no surprises. The church’s preferred option (approved by the design review board so the group can go ahead & apply for a permit) does not include parking. There will be more design reviews and a SEPA review if/when the permit is issued and the project moves forward.

    Comments/concerns from the board & audience were limited to design, not SEPA (which would include parking). Questions were asked about the “flat box” shape, which will be broken up by a tower and some interesting exterio1r materials. There were also comments about “eyes on the street” safety concerns–the church is well aware of the problems in the area and moved the entry around to improve visibility. The only other concern I heard was that the BH design guidelines call for entries on corners, but the slope on the site would make this incompatible with ADA guidelines.

    Anyone else pick up any concerns/comments?

  4. In response to the question about the lack of parking – it actually seems pretty reasonable. Given that the site is within the Urban Village, it would be a shame to waste the space on cars. And that the size of the 18 apartments is expected to be 300 to 500sf, it seems like that would generally be the low end of the market and likely to attract car-free tenants.

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