7 thoughts on “Kitty in the sun”

  1. That’s Janine’s garden cat CiCi, a real personality that loves the warmth and shelter of her beautiful garden.

  2. CiCi is gorgeous! I spend a lot of time looking out for cats–trying to find them before Tica can bother them. Ms. CiCi could not be bothered–she barely opened her eyes when we walked by.

    Thanks for sharing her name!

  3. She’s our neighbor’s cat, beautiful Main Coon, and has a great temperament – lives with four dogs, now down to two due to age attrition. Mellow soul.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about the Beacon Hill blog and the picture of CiCi. We’re not too up to date on these things so it’s wonderful to find out about them! CiCi is 11 years old, and watch out, if she likes you she’ll try to walk into your house!

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