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Mean cat bullies humans and cats alike

Neighbor Kasey writes with a plea for feline peace. Is this about your cat?

There’s a cat in our part of the neighborhood (19th and Stevens) that has shown aggression toward felines and humans alike. Not a night goes by without the terrifying sounds of a cat fight alerting all of the dogs on the block. This buff-colored, medium-haired cat is small to medium in size and ruthlessly stalks indoor/outdoor kitties. My own cat has been bullied by the predator for about the last four months and I can’t seem to get it to leave him or our yard alone. He or she has also fought with our housemates’ cat as well.

I wish I had more information to share, but I would really appreciate taking the chance that the cat’s owner isn’t aware of how mean it is to other animals. I don’t want to see it end up at the Seattle Animal Shelter, but that’s my next call.

Beacon Bits: foster fashion, home values, and music at the park

Neighbors on 12th Avenue South enjoyed the Night Out block party last Tuesday. Photo by Bridget Christian.
Neighbors on 12th Avenue South enjoyed the Night Out block party last Tuesday. Photo by Bridget Christian.
Neighbor Brook writes with an interesting observation about Beacon Hill real estate prices on Zillow:

“Every other neighborhood I’ve checked has followed pretty much the same curve, but North Beacon Hill and Columbia City each have unique curves. They’ve settled into a flatter line where average house values are now just above values in Greenwood. The other exception about North Beacon Hill is that it flattened out in 2006. Maybe the start of the subprime meltdown was felt in the neighborhood first, or maybe it was buyers getting scared away by the giant blue walls, but either way we were spared the last gasp of superheated speculation. Either way, it totally bucked the trend.”

What does this mean? Perhaps the beginning of the much-heralded light rail-powered price increase? We don’t know, but it’s interesting.


The cat adoptathon we mentioned the other day was a success! We’re told there were 15 kitties adopted. If you missed your chance to bring home a kitty, there will be another adoptathon on October 10 from noon to 3:00 pm at the Jefferson Community Center, 3801 Beacon Avenue South.


Project Treehouse will feature local celebrities escorting 14 specially-styled foster kids down the runway on Wednesday, August 12, from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Treehouse, 2100 24th Avenue South. The event is aimed at raising awareness for Treehouse’s free Wearhouse store which serves nearly 3,000 foster kids every year by providing them with new and like-new clothing, school supplies, and other things that kids need.


The Rainier Valley Post has some great pictures of last Saturday’s Jose Rizal Music and Arts Festival at Jose Rizal Park. We were unable to be there, but it looks like everyone had a good time and enjoyed some great music!

Give a kitty a good home this Saturday

Photo by Sam Holland.
Photo by Sam Holland.
You want a cute kitty like this, don’t you? The Seattle Animal Shelter is making it easy for you to bring a cat home, by hosting a cat adoptathon here in Southeast Seattle this Saturday, August 8. The event is from noon to 3:00 pm at the Rainier Community Center, 4600 38th Avenue South. There will be cats of many different breeds available.

Adoption prices range from $102 to $107, and include:

  • Initial vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Feline Leukemia testing
  • Certificate for free health exam at local veterinarians
  • Spay or neuter
  • Microchip
  • Two-year Seattle Pet License (if applicable)

Have you seen Zoe?

Pretty Zoe is missing. Have you seen her?
Pretty Zoe is missing. Have you seen her?
There’s another lost tabby cat in North Beacon. Erin writes “We’ve lost our female cat Zoe. She is almost 2 years old, is a medium hair tabby, has black, grey and light brown coloring with a white chest and white paws. She was last seen with a multi-colored collar on with a purple heart tag. She has distinctive mackerel markings and a very fluffy tail. We last saw her near 13th Avenue South and Walker Street (near Beacon Ave before it heads down to Holgate).” If you think you’ve seen Zoe, please email meespanola@hotmail.com.

Is this your cat?

Friendly kitty with injured tail. Is she yours?
Friendly kitty with injured tail. Is she yours?
This friendly kitty was found near 12th Avenue South and South Massachusetts Street, sunning herself in a backyard. Bridget writes to the mailing list, “her tail is injured badly but she seems sweet and calm. Neighbor is going to try to get her some help for her tail.” Is she yours? Email us and we can put you in touch with the kitty’s current caretaker.