First ruling on neighborhood plan appeal released

Sue Tanner, the Hearing Examiner, has released her first ruling regarding the appeal Frederica Merrell filed last month against the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) regarding the Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) of the North Beacon Hill neighborhood plan update process. Here is the full text of the ruling.

Tanner dismissed two issues in the appeal outright because they are outside the jurisdiction of the Hearing Examiner’s office (the issues were related to planning process).  She upheld one issue that DPD and El Centro de La Raza had requested to be dismissed, regarding whether DPD provided adequate notice for attendance at a meeting.

The revised schedule for the appeal is included in the document.  The final hearing on the appeal is currently scheduled for April 26 at 9:00 am.

Cienna Madrid at the Slog has reported on this as well, and notes that one of the other two nearly identical appeals filed last month, the North Rainier (Mount Baker) appeal, has been dismissed because the appellants did not respond to the motion to dismiss. The Othello appeal continues and is scheduled for May 24 at 9:00 am.

One thought on “First ruling on neighborhood plan appeal released”

  1. what if the space could be a mixture things…i don’t know how to create such lovely pictures and designs as have been created thus far by very talented individuals, but try to mentally picture this combination…

    Starting from the south end of the ‘alley’ that faces the library – a short tree lined walkway/entryway that enters into a public access internal courtyard/park of the mixed use buildings with another access point at Festival Plaza del Raza (St.). And maybe even another access point on the east side. In that courtyard/park could be more lovely greenery and a fountain/water feature of some sort which was ok to play in. There would be room for outdoor sitting, chess playing, dining, picnicing. Businesses on the bottom floors of the building could have access from both the street side and internal courtyard. Space for outdoor vendors inside the park and out on the street side.

    Could this internal ‘courtyard’ be called a park? so as to qualify for some of the funds from the city?

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