Major accident at 15th and Beacon

Update: According to the SPD, this appears to have been a single-vehicle rollover accident, possibly with alcohol as a factor. It was called in at about 8:05pm Friday and both police and the fire department responded. The vehicle knocked down a red light post and a bus stop sign before colliding with the City Light pole on the corner of 15th and Beacon. Upon arriving, the vehicle was found upside-down with the driver inside. The driver was safely removed and taken to the hospital for examination and a blood draw. There were no passengers and apparently no other injuries or vehicles directly damaged. SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad’s investigation is still underway.

A car accident occurred around 8:30pm tonight near the intersection of 15th and Beacon Ave S. Beacon was closed off between Lander and 15th.

Photos from the aftermath and cleanup:

It appears a vehicle rolled over, knocking over a bus stop sign and a red lightpost.

6 thoughts on “Major accident at 15th and Beacon”

  1. I was driving by and saw the aftermath of the accident, with the car still flipped over and ER vehicles all over the place. Trying to find more information on the web about what happened. Thanks for covering it…

  2. I still want to know what the hell happened here. I cannot find any information from local media or anything about this incident. Who was involved? What happened? How did the car end up turned upside down like that?

  3. Amazing no one was hurt. Thanks so much for being on the scene and following up, Jason!

  4. Alright, tx for the update. When I was walking around the scene, I heard one girl saying that after they took the guy out of the car and put him into the ambulance, the ambulance didn’t even appear to be rushing to the hospital, so she assumed the guy must have died. It is good to hear everyone is A-OK…

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