4 thoughts on “Garbage strike: what to do?”

  1. If you live on Beacon Hill and your trash isn’t picked up tomorrow, call 1-800-976-0071 to report service disruptions. You will get patched through to city officials and will be able to let them know that your trash is starting to pile up, and that this dispute needs to get resolved soon. You can also go to http://www.seattletrashwatch.com for more information.

  2. This strike is avoidable, and seems an awful lot like what I remember from my history lessons. American culture has a fundamental reflex against carpet bagger robber barons moving into towns and short-changing the labor force.

    If you’re angry too, call Duane Woods (WM West Division VP) at (480) 419-6140. If you don’t get him, leave him a message telling him how we don’t want him lowering our local standard of living.

  3. Thank you union apologists(above). Seems like you have a pretty selective memory of your ‘history’ lessons..or will they sponsored by the SEIU? By no measure is the current contract offering short changing the labor force. You’re delusional.

  4. Oh, don’t be such a whiner and corporate stooge, “right to work”. Employees should have every right to organize for better working conditions. Besides, the “salary” that WM keeps quoting (and changing, I might add) is based on 10-15 hours of mandatory overtime each week, which is a sleazy way to run a business.

    Unions aren’t perfect – nothing run by humans is – but most people in this country know absolutely nothing about them, and instead just settle for some dumb stereotypes and half truths. If you turned off the KVI and fox news, you might actually learn something about labor relations.

    In the meantime, the strike’s off, so everyone can unclutch their pearls.

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