Pizzeria planned on North Beacon Hill

A pizza the Bar del Corso folks made this weekend. Photo courtesy of Gina Tolentino.
Next year, it looks like you’ll finally be able to get pizza on Beacon Hill. Jerry Corso and Gina Tolentino have signed a lease to open Bar del Corso on North Beacon Hill in early 2011. The Bar del Corso blog says:

“While we can’t say the exact address, we can say that it is in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Take our word for it, the location is great, and very accessible—the pizzeria would be right on a bus line and just a couple blocks from the Light Rail station. Plus there will be lots of on-street, unmetered parking.”

“On a bus line and just a couple blocks from the Light Rail station”—let the site speculation begin!

According to the blog, the restaurant will be “a 48-seat pizzeria and wine bar with traditional Italian fare,” featuring a wood-burning pizza oven and regional Italian wines. There will be counter and table seating, as well as outdoor seating during the summer. Dinner will be served Tuesday through Saturday.

Corso and Tolentino are seeking investors to help raise the last 1/3 of the funds needed to open the restaurant, and holding fundraising events. For more information, see the blog or contact them at info@bardelcorso.com.

(Editor’s note—The previous photo was a generic pizza photo. Gina from Bar del Corso sent us a picture of their own pizza to use, so we replaced the photo on May 24.)

8 thoughts on “Pizzeria planned on North Beacon Hill”

  1. Nice! I am really curious where this will be. All of the descriptions point to the old Culinary Communion location, but something is already going in there. Wow, two new eateries on BH. I wish them good luck and look forward to trying them out.

  2. Wherever it lands we’ve already decided it will be our Wednesday night dinner ritual we’re so excited.

  3. yes, curious about what’s going in at the old culinary communion location..anyone know what it will be?

  4. We posted about it here on the blog a few weeks ago. It will be Tasha’s Bistro Cafe, and it is supposed to open very soon now.

  5. Hey Pete, Let me know when you are open and I can quit spending money at Veraci’s

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