New coffee shop The Station opens

The Station, a new coffee shop, opened yesterday at 2533 16th Avenue South, just across from El Centro de la Raza and just north of Beacon Hill Station. The opening was celebrated with barbecue and a live DJ. The shop is small but comfortable, and is currently displaying paintings by Vanessa K. Wilken on the walls. Along with coffee, tea, and chocolate, The Station will also be carrying pastries from A Touch of Sweden.

Neighbors enjoy the grand opening. Photo by Wendi.
The interior of The Station. Photo by Wendi.

25 thoughts on “New coffee shop The Station opens”

  1. Oh, I am very disappointed now. They close too early. I was hoping for a coffee shop that would be open until 8 or 9, like many other neighborhoods have.

  2. “8:00 am – 5:00 am”?

    …is that “5:00 am” a typo? Because, if not, I’d say they are open plenty late… on Saturdays and Sundays at least.

  3. I went in, and i got an excellent espresso, the pastries are really good also. The people that work their are cool. It is as close to the train station as you can get. I need a punch card!

  4. Seriously, open until 6pm? Victrola is just down the street, do we really need another coffee shop in north beacon hill?

    Granted, I haven’t checked it out yet (going today) so maybe it’s way nicer than Victrola (wouldn’t be difficult).

    But I have to bike all the way up to Capitol Hill just to go to a coffee shop at night; isn’t that what people say about Beacon Hill, that it’s not a destination neighborhood?

    Anyway. Maybe I’ll change my tune once I go in there.

  5. I thought this was going to be the new location for the Java Love half of Java Love/Baja Bistro. This sounds like completely different owners. The big question is who is making the coffee, I have always thought Java Love drip coffee was a bit funky. Either way, I look forward to checking it out for a quick cup and a pastry before catching the train.

  6. I changed my tune!

    I went in this morning during my break and I LOVE this place. It is small and cute but with a great amount of seating. The interior is cozy and fun (really well-designed). I like the big windows in front; as of yet there isn’t a lot of traffic on 16th right here but maybe if some of the development the neighborhood keeps talking about actually takes place then this will be a perfect location.

    There is a lot of potential, too – there’s a little back patio that could easily be refurbished into a nice little outdoor spot. Make sure to check out the bathroom, too; it’s great-looking.

    Luis, the owner, is so nice. We chatted for a few minutes and he almost didn’t charge me for my coffee! By the way, he told me the WI-FI is definitely up and running now!

    The only thing I have to say is, more outlets for laptops (of course – why can’t 90% of coffee shops get this right?) and STAY OPEN LATER! I would love to patronize this place more but I work from 9 – 5 and make coffee at home for the morning – so when am I supposed to go? For an hour after work? That’s annoying. At least open until 8 or 9 you know?

    Luis, if you’re reading this, I have 2 years Barista experience and live down the street – I’ll come run the shop for a few hours each night if you need it!

  7. Oh also, I heard that the owner is the brother of Java Love / Baja Bistro owner. I don’t know how the two shops are connected, though?

  8. Excellent coffee! The workers are friendly, very cozy place. The bathroom even made me feel at home. My wife can be picky about her extra foam latte, but after taking her first sip she had nothing to complain about. My mocha was very delicious, very smooth. Great place everyone should stop by.

  9. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. Also, thank you for those who came out to our Grand Opening BBQ this past Sunday, it was pleasure meeting you all and we hope to do more of this in the future. The Station is consistently looking at ways of improving and accommodating our customers and truly appreciate all the support, suggestions, and feedback.

    Feel free to stop on in and say hi and check the place out!

    *Elliot – Thanks for your comment and I will definitely keep you in mind in the future. And the outlets are hiding behind our benches but I’ll make them more accessible for our laptop friendly customers.

  10. Additional info:

    ~Our credit card machine will be up and running in the next few days, in the meantime CASH ONLY.

    ~Our business cards double as punch cards. Don’t forget to grab one on your way out.

    ~Our hours: M-F, 6am-6pm and Sat-Sun, 8am-6pm
    Thank you Lynda for going out of your way and listing our info.

    ~WiFi is now available.

  11. I can see what people mean by wanting the place to stay open later… but give it some time. Maybe once things get going for a few weeks, they’ll be able to hire someone to stay later. Anyways, aside from that, they have excellent espresso. I especially enjoyed my yummy vanilla latte 🙂 Cozy, clean atmosphere, dog-friendly, and great employees! I’ll be back!

  12. This place rocks! My wife and have been in everyday since they opened. It’s great to have somewhere to get coffee before we get on the train.
    Great coffee and great people.

  13. Delicious espresso drinks, friendly staff, & very inviting. Highly recommend everyone give it a try. Love the theme too, very cute!

  14. Administrative note:

    We just had to remove a bunch of comments here because there was evidence that the same people were posting under multiple names. Don’t do that. If you have a connection with The Station such as being friends of the owners or something like that, you need to be up front about it. We expect that people posting here will not misrepresent themselves.

  15. I had been waiting for this place to open for months!

    I have come to the Station three days in a row. I study here and enjoy the vibe of the people that are coming in and out. Truly a neighborhood coffee shop.

    The music that the Barista Waylon plays is off the hook! He’s also a DJ, but he doesn’t work here every day.

    I agree that we need a coffee shop on Beacon Hill open later. I have already expressed this to Luis a few times so maybe if more folks express that concern we can all have a nice little cozy spot to enjoy and get some coffee later at night.

    Luis the owner is very open to feedback, so before you comment, make sure you stop by!


  16. Huh? I had a comment here earlier, but it was removed. My name is my real name. I only wrote one comment (Well, if you don’t count this one). I do know the owners. My art’s on the wall. With all that said… I like The Station… for real. Not just b/c I know the owners, but b/c it’s a cute little place in an area with limited espresso options (at least by Seattle standards). Oh, and my latte really was good (Thanks Waylon).

  17. Luis kept the place open late today (7ish?). It was nice to hang out in front and watch folks stroll by. Twice people walked or biked by, peering inside, and smiling.

    Good stuff.

  18. Finally found a place with organic pastries that actually taste good! Diggin the varitey of tea, I’m always tryn something different. Oh and you gota get one the The Station T-Shirts… I got my Extra Smedium today!

  19. Hi Dylan! I saw your video, we need to do something about that cross walk! very interesting things happen on that video! I would love to help in any way I can!

  20. Really good Chai Tea latte! They have a variety of teas which is good for us non-coffee drinkers. My daughter enjoyed the pastries, and I’m glad to have such a nice neighborhood place nearby.

  21. I’m so excited about this coffee shop! The location is great and I LOVE that I can get a steamer with perfect foam and my choice of flavors. I also agree that I hope The Station opens later, because I’d love to come here at night after work. It’s frustrating that both our coffee shops close at 6. I can see myself only being able to come here on the weekends.

  22. The Station is in a great location less than 100 yards from the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station.

    All three Baristas make superior espresso drinks that are far above the quality that Starbucks or others have to offer.

    The espresso has a smokey, robust flavor and unfortunately, I have yet to try the pastries.

    Luis, the owner, is an inspiring human being. He’s not only looking to better his own business but he has a unique attitude of cooperation with all local business owners and the community (including having a hand in Beacon Rocks! weekend celebrations). Oh, and he makes some of the silkiest hot espresso drinks on the face of the planet.

    Waylon and Castro, his other two baristas, have just as high standards and are usually playing unique music as both are heavily involved in the local hip-hop music scene.

    The Station is well worth a five-minute stop and the more business they get, the more likely they will be expanding their hours.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents. Enjoy!!!

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