Parked perv problem on North Beacon

Neighbor Lina wrote to warn us about an unsavory individual on North Beacon Hill. She saw a white van SUV pull over in front of her and park near Daejeon Park. The windows on both sides of the van SUV were rolled down, and inside was a white, baseball-cap-wearing, masturbating male. When Lina returned with a camera to get a picture of the van’s SUV’s license plate for the police, it was gone. She reports that the license plate started with a B and ended with an H.

(5:00 pm: Article updated to correct description of the vehicle. — Ed.)

4 thoughts on “Parked perv problem on North Beacon”

  1. I’m Lina’s husband. After talking to her, I’m pretty sure it was a white SUV, not a white van.

  2. This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve heard of this guy, whether on the listserv or here on the blog. In previous reports the license plate was covered in some way, I think?

    Bummer. 🙁

  3. The previous reports were about a guy in a newer-looking navy blue [Chevy?] truck with covered license plates. He was described as a “white or hispanic male wearing a camouflauge baseball cap, around 5’7″, medium build.” So I guess it’s not certain whether this is the same guy or not.

  4. Please report this to the police. The police take it seriously, especially prolific flashers. We would all like to see this man stopped before he takes more serious actions and potentially harms someone. In working with the police on a previous flashing incident they indicated that their suspect drives several different vehicles. Again, please report it to the police– they need people to step up to get him off the street. Even if it happened a few days ago it can help the police build a case.

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