Shooting at 14th and Hinds

Details from news partner The Seattle Times:

Medics responded Tuesday afternoon to a South Seattle address where a man was shot to death, said Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Dana VanderHowen. The victim was reportedly shot outside when he was shot by a woman who left in a car.

Homicide detectives were responding to the address in the area of 14th Avenue South and South Hinds Street, said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson. The shooting was reported at 2:52 p.m., VanderHowen said.

Later updated to:

A 38-year-old man was shot to death in South Seattle Tuesday afternoon. Police believe the shooter may be the man’s girlfriend.

Witnesses told police that they heard gunshots and then saw a man on the road. A woman was seen kneeling over the man before she jumped into the passenger seat of a waiting car, described as a dark-colored Honda or Toyota.

The car was last seen headed west on South Spokane Street toward Interstate 5.

The Times later added that the woman suspected of the shooting then shot herself in Tukwila, while alone in a car. Police say that she has been taken to Harborview with life-threatening injuries.

KIRO has more information here. KOMO has some information as well, including the suspect’s name, in the video. (A correction, though — 14th and Hinds is not “near ‘The Jungle.'”) comments that this is the eighth homicide in Seattle this year, and the first since June 6. They’ve also posted video of the police briefing at YouTube:

Read more at the Times.

Police investigate the shooting at 15th and Hinds. Photo by Joel Lee.

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  1. Jason, this was 14th & Hinds, not 15th. Along that shady alley. Please revise your headline. Thanks

  2. Police now believe they have found the shooter dead in Tukwila; an apparent suicide.

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