Recent photos in the BHB photo pool

These are some of the photos recently uploaded to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. Do you have any photos of the Hill? You are invited to add them to the pool, for possible publication here on the blog.

Josephine enjoys the playground at Jefferson Park. Photo by tkml79.
The new crosswalk was recently completed in front of the library. There are small flashing lights embedded in the crosswalk that activate when people walk between sensors on either side of the street. Photo by Wendi.
Klara Glosova's Oily Pelican sculpture was one of the artworks seen at the latest NEPO art event. Photo by Dan Bennett.
A political statement recently seen among other posters on Beacon Avenue. Photo by Wendi.

One thought on “Recent photos in the BHB photo pool”

  1. ha! i’d love to find that “disarm the police” artwork, so i can add my “disarm the criminals” above it 🙂 you can’t expect to do one without the other… unless you live in a comfy (heavily guarded) bubble or you’re dangerously naive.

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