Contest: The sights of Route 36 — Prize added!

(This is a repost, edited to mention the new prize: a $50 gift card!)

Remember the NAMSAYIN limited edition t-shirts featuring the #36 bus? (The design is pictured on the right.) Only 56 of the shirts were printed, but we have t-shirts to give away—if you can demonstrate your Beacon Hill knowledge!

Here’s how the contest works. Below in this post, you’ll see 16 detail pictures of Beacon Hill locations that are on the #36 route. You need to identify all 16 as precisely as possible, then email your list of 16 guesses to us at

The first person to get all 16 right wins one of the NAMSAYIN t-shirts and a $50 gift card from The Station coffee house! The second person wins one of the NAMSAYIN shirts too! Unfortunately, sizes are limited — winners will probably get an XL. In the event of a tie, the person whose answers are most precisely located will win. If there’s still a tie, we’ll flip a coin.


  • All locations are on Beacon Hill and within view of the #36 bus route. Some of the images may match something that is in another neighborhood. You need to find the location that is on the Hill. We’re defining the Hill’s east boundary as Martin Luther King Jr. Way South for the purpose of this contest. The north boundary is the south end of the Jose Rizal Bridge.
  • You could probably see most of them from the bus itself if you look hard enough.
  • Remember, be as precise as you can possibly be—it’s a tiebreaker. If two people are tied, and one guesses that an item is “at the Red Apple” and another guesses that it is “on the east side of Red Apple, above the doorway”, the latter guesser will win. (I can tell you that none of the photos are of the Red Apple.)

Questions? Let us know. Good luck! Now, on to the pictures:

Picture #1.
Picture #2.
Picture #3.
Picture #4.

Picture #5.

Picture #6.
Picture #7.
Picture #8.
Picture #9.
Picture #10.

Picture #11.

Picture #12.
Picture #13.
Picture #14.
Picture #15.

Picture #16.

2 thoughts on “Contest: The sights of Route 36 — Prize added!”

  1. Better get those guesses in, folks. We are close to a winner, but no winner yet…

    Also, we have prizes for a second place winner, so even if you can’t come up with all 16, guess as many as you can and you might qualify for second place!

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